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‘I love my school.’

Student - Osman Kartal

‘Sayenizde muhteşem bir işi başardık. Okulumuz çok güzel bir fiziki yapıya kavuştu.’

Öğrenci - Süleyman Çakır

‘Okulumuzun fiziki şartları çok kötüydü, öncelikle bununla başlamamız gerekiyordu.’

Öğrenci - Şükriye Çakır


Güzide Yılmaz Primary School has aspired to expose the potential of every child and offer them with enhancing opportunities, since the day it was first founded in Maltepe in 1998. With 38 teachers, the school provides education to 632 students in an environment that consists of 36 classrooms, a conference hall, gym, library and dining hall.

A number of important renovation works have been carried out in recent years in order to develop the school and provide students with a fully equipped learning space. All (60) doors were changed in 2017 in accordance with new safety regulations, a separate children's playground was built in 2018 to contribute to the social development of students, and the entire school was repainted in 2019.

The school offers extracurricular activities and educates students in an environment that blends cultural and sports activities in line with Ataturk’s principles, and holds degrees in various sports and cultural competitions.

Hasan Yılmaz Primary School began providing education services in Çayeli in 1988 and is a well-equipped institution that aims to set the benchmark for primary education. It offers its services to 476 students with 33 teachers and accommodates 26 classrooms, a conference hall, a library and an information technology class.

A fully equipped environment has been provided for students through periodic renovations; an additional building with 12 classrooms was added in 2012 as well as a 125-person conference hall and 6 additional classrooms.

The school garden premises were also restructured within the scope of the large-scale renovation works that took place between 2018-2019. With an expert team, Hasan Yılmaz Primary School, aims to educate productive and hardworking individuals who are beneficial to their community.

Founded in Yalova in 2001, the GSD Education Foundation Çiftlikköy Primary School is an institution that adopts the principle of continuous development, while always striving for student and parent satisfaction.

The school offers education to 677 students with 32 teachers and is equipped with 26 classrooms, 2 workshop areas, a conference hall, gymnasium, library, science lab, dining hall, information technology room, and music and painting classes. Additional contributions have been made to the school with renovation works carried out in recent years; the school's gymnasium, lavatories, interior lighting and Atatürk corner was renovated between 2017-2019, and a 140-person conference hall was built and put into service.

Aiming to nurture social responsibility and the ability to think independently, The GSD Education Foundation Çiftlikköy Primary School strives to educate students in an environment that blends science and art, in line with Atatürk's principles.

GSD Education Foundation Bahçelievler Primary School began its services in Bahçelievler in 1998 and was founded to support the 8-year education system. Our school takes pride in nurturing individuals who develop the skills to think independently and embrace the goal of lifelong learning, with knowledge in the fields of science, culture and art. GSD Education Foundation Bahçelievler Primary School offers its education services to 1045 students with 38 teachers and is equipped with 28 classrooms, a library, dining hall, special education classes and a multi-purpose hall.

Various restoration works have been carried out in recent years to give the school a more modern appearance and to benefit our students. These include storage rooms for learning materials such as textbooks etc. as well as the implementation of fire escapes and safety doors in line with the new regulations issued in 2017.

With the awareness that the most valuable investment is to educate the future, GSD Education Foundation Bahçelievler Primary School, educates its students to be individuals who are productive, socially responsible and accepting of diversity in line with the modern views of the 21st century and Atatürk's principles.


Mehmet Turgut Yılmaz

Chairman and Managing Director

Alper Alp

Vice Chairman

İsmail Sühan Özkan


Ekrem Can

(Board Treasurer)

Akgün Türer


Eyup Murat Gezgin

Alternate Director

Canatan İçöz

Alternate Director

Sedat Temeltaş

Member of the Audit Committee

Cezmi Öztürk

Member of the Audit Committee


Aydınevler Mah. Kaptan Rıfat Sok.
No:3, 34854 Küçükyalı Maltepe İstanbul
Mersis No:0411-0039-1250-0017

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